Freight Dispatching Service

What We Offer:


  • Top Rate Negotiation
  • Handle all necessary paperwork and faxes including broker set up packets, confirmations and certificate of insurance. 
  • 24/7 Dispatch Support
  • Request ALL accessorials
  • Factoring setup assistance
  • Credit Checks
  • Weather Alerts
  • Direction Assistance
  • NO Forced Dispatch

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Competitive Rates


You work hard for your money and we understand the importance of keeping it in your pocket. We offer several service options and you choose which one fits your budget best. 

We offer weekly rates at $350.00 per truck. For the drivers that do not require our service for the full week, you get the same exceptional service for just 6% of each booked load.  With both options your experienced dispatcher will work hard to find you the highest paying loads. When you sign up with us we will discuss each option with you to make sure you are selecting the best plan to keep more money in your pocket!

Want to find your own loads but not fill out the burdensome paperwork? We will handle that for you at $15 per load or $70 a week. Just have the paperwork sent over to us and we'll handle it all!

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Your Personal Dispatcher


Your experienced and dedicated dispatcher will keep your truck loaded and rolling while negotiating the best rates. They will professionally represent your company to shippers and third party logistic providers. 

True load planning is what we provide. We work within the perimeters you set to find the most profitable freight to meet your business needs. All while saving you time and increasing your bottom line!